Win Resurrection Remix v5.8.5: Personalized ROM For Tecno Y6

Custom ROM For Tecno Y6

Resurrection Remix Personalized ROM for TECNO Y6 with MediaTek MT6572 on Android Kitkat 4.4.2, 3.4.67 Kernel. The ROM is essentially based on cm, slim, omni and normal Remix Rom Tag, this creates a mountainous mixture of efficiency, customization, energy and the latest functions, introduced at once to your diagram. Install Resurrection Remix V5.8.5 Personalized ROM for TECNO Y6 and expertise the improved expertise.

Resurrection Remix v5.8.5 Facets:

Like many other Lineage essentially based custom ROM, Resurrection Remix v5.8.5 bags many customization good points. The good points embrace:

RR Customizations:

-Enable/Disable Navbar

-Navbar Button Customization trim bar

-Navbar Pulse

-Navbar Jog

-Double Tap To sleep navbar

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-Brightness Slider

-Enable/Disable Present Notification Depend

-SuperUser Indicator Swap

-Double Tap To sleep Statusbar

-Provider Mark

-Provider Mark Swap

-Provider mark Color

-Provider Mark Dimension

-Clock Customizations

-Time & date

-Day & date Toggle

-Centre/Real/Left Clock Need

-Date Structure

-Clock Font Kinds


-Battery Bar customization

-Battery Icon Customization(circle/landscape/Portrait and extra)

-Battery % Text

-Network Web page visitors Indicator

-Network Web page visitors Arrows Swap

-Incoming/Outgoing Web page visitors

-Network traffic Color

-Statusbar RR Logo

-RR logo Color


-Personalized Logos

-logo Color



-StatusBar Climate

-Climate Color

-Climate Quandary(left/lawful)

-Climate Font Style

-Climate Dimension

-StatusBar Ticker

-Ticker Text shade

-Ticker Icon Color


-Toast Animations

-ListView Animations

-Arrangement Animations

-Power Menu Animations

-Misc Animations


-Gestures Anywhere Characteristic

-3 Finger Swipe Screenshot Gesture

App Circle Bar:

-Purchase apps in app sidebar

-Quandary off Width

-Quandary off Height

-Quandary off Quandary

-App Sidebar

-Purchase apps in App circle

-Quandary off Width

-Quandary off Height

-Quandary off Quandary


-Pie Quandary off(left ,Real ,Bottom)

-Pie Targets

-Pie Colors

-More Pie Facets

Recents Panel:

-Obvious All button Swap

-Obvious All Obligations Swap

-Obvious All Button Living (Top lawful,Top Left,Top Center,Bottom Left,Bottom Real,Bottom Center)

-Rotund-Camouflage Recents

-Recents Kinds


Clock Widget:

-Clock And Fear Customizations

-Climate Panel Customizations

-Calendar Events

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-Lockscreen Bottom Shortcuts

-Lockscreen Frequent Shortcuts

-100+ Icons for Shortcuts

-Double Tap to Sleep Lockscreen

-Lockscreen Media Artwork/Enable Disable

-Quick PIN/Pattern Unlock

-LockScreen Wallpaper

-Lockscreen Climate Widget

-Lockscreen Icons Color

Quick Settings Draggable Tiles:

-Customizable Tiles

-Dynamic Tiles Adjustment

-Need of columns/rows

-Tile Animations

-Notification Drawer

-LongPress Toggles to Enter Settings

-Disable Immersive Mode Messages

-Power Develop Notification

-Quick PullDown

-Desirable Pulldown

-Notification Panel Transparency

-Quantity Dialog Transparency

-Notification Panel Stroke

-Quantity Dialog Stroke


-Backlight Timer

-Backlight Power

-Home Button(For gadgets with HW keys Simplest)

-Home Button reply call

-Prolonged Press Actions

-Double Tap Actions

-Menu Button(For gadgets with HW keys Simplest)

-Quick Press Actions

-Prolonged Press Actions

-Search Button(If Instrument Supports)

-Quick Press Action

-Prolonged Press Action

-Quantity Buttons

-Wake Up Instrument

-Playback Alter

-Ringtone Quantity Alter

-Keyboard Cursor Alter

-Swap Buttons on Landscape mode

-Quantity Key Solution

Developed Reboot Menu:

-Power Menu Customizations

-Power Off

-Reboot(Recovery, Bootloader, Sizzling Reboot)


-Power Menu End Calls Swap

-Restart SystemUI

-Airplane Mode


-On the Go Mode

-Sound Panel


-Selinux Swap (Swap Between Permissive and Imposing Selinux if Instrument has Selinux Enabled)

-cLock Shortcut

-Disable Battery Saver Warning Color


-Camera Shutter Sound Enable/Disable

SystemUI Tuner:

-Enabled By default

-Removed Demo mode and Tweaked SystemUI Tuner In comparison To AOSP

-StatusBar Icons Customizations

-Quick Settings Customizations

Other Facets:

-Efficiency Profiles

-LCD Density

-Expanded Desktop Mode

-Heads Up Swap and customizations

-Are residing Tag

-Configurable 0,90,180,270 Diploma Rotation

-Lock Camouflage Autorotate Swap

-Native Tap to Wake From Marshmallow

-Double Tap Power Button To enable Camera gesture

-Prevent Unintended Wakeup

-Wake Mobile telephone on Charging Stride

-Battery Gentle Customizations

-Notification Gentle Customizations

-Font Dimension

-CM privacy guard

-Efficiency Tweaks(Kernel Auditor Inbuilt)

-CM root inbuilt


-A Entire new RR Configurations

-Overall Smoothness Enhancements

-Optimizations to Give a settle on to Battery

-Comprises All Android Nougat Facets

-Comprises ALL CM14.1 Facets


Bugs in this ROM:

-Bluetooth doesn’t work in some Y2 gadgets

-Everything else works gorgeous

Instrument & OS Files:

Instrument title: Tecno

Instrument model: Y6

OS model: KitKat

Chipset: MT6572

Kernel model: 3.4.67

ROM title: Resurrection Remix

ROM model: 5.8.5

Android model: Nougat

The system to put in RR v5.8.5 custom ROM for Tecno Y6

  1. Accumulate obvious you will desire a custom restoration installed. whereas you don’t have, download and install TWRP for Tecno Y6.
  2. Now, download Resurrection Remix v5.8.5 custom ROM for Tecno Y6 from the given link below.
  3. Reproduction the downloaded ROM zip file to the foundation of your SD card and reboot your diagram into TWRP restoration mode.
  4. In TWRP restoration, goto the wipe allotment and tap come
  5. Tick the next: Dalvick art/cache, cache, knowledge and system.
  6. Now, wipe the selected partitions.
  7. Return to TWRP predominant menu and catch install.
  8. Comprise the storage which that it is seemingly you’ll want to always have copied the downloaded ROM.
  9. Discover the ROM zip file and tap to steal.
  10. Discover the on-display mask instruction to proceed with the flashing. Reboot when the flashing job is total.

ROM Credits:

  • LineageOS Crew
  • Resurrection Remix Crew
  • Samuel Osas (porting and fixing bugs)
  • Mudasiru Adewale (for porting to Y6)

That’s it. On the different hand, first booting after flash takes 5-10 minutes, so you don’t deserve to fright if your diagram takes about a minutes as well up. Once booting is total, you’ll seek for a welcome display mask to residing up your diagram.

To download Resurrection Remix v5.8.5 Personalized ROM For Tecno Y6, click right here

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