How to Secure a Password Stable Page in Blogger?

You’d also form a password protected web page in blogger blog with the serve of this tutorial. Study to guard your Blogger static web page the utilization of the password you dangle out. How can a password-protected web page be web page up?

Finest WordPress Blogs can possess a password-protected web page, but what about Blogger? Is it doubtless so that you can add passwords to obvious pages to stable them?

Short Talk

Blogger used to be my favourite platform when I first started my tutorial blog. Nonetheless, after about a years, many participants switch to WordPress due to its simplicity and absence of customization choices. Because Blogger is nonetheless restricted in some techniques, most components also can also be resolved by performing a puny bit analysis online. I am accustomed to the Blogger platform and intend to discontinuance there for the foreseeable future!

I tried to cease company from being restricted from visiting my varied pages, but the Blogger platform has not taken such precautions. because there’ll not be any plugins readily available for safeguarding a converse web page in Blogger. Either you possess to present the Blog deepest or add a password to the full blog. In consequence, our main procedure also can unbiased not serve.

Advantages of Password Stable Page in Blogger

We possess viewed blog owners protect a web page in WordPress Blog with a password in dispute that VIP subscribers can derive entry to ordinary speak material. Shall we say you possess got written an E-Book or any Script and possess to distribute it handiest to subscribers of your blog.

You’d also unbiased not be in a location to restrict derive entry to to all company to Blogger in this peril. The Password Stable web page capabilities flawlessly in this event. Because subscribers to your blog also can unbiased not be in a location to derive entry to the speak material web page without a password.

The password-protected option is due to this truth required. You’d also derive more other folks to subscribe to your blog, and your ordinary speak material also can unbiased not be readily available to the public.

How to Secure a Password Stable Page in Blogger?

Despite the online page’s web page as “revealed,” derive entry to to the shared blog speak material requires a password. After that, subscribers to your e-newsletter also can also be given the password. They will log in to stare sleek speak material day by day.

To form a password-protected web page and invite possibilities to trace up to your library, simply note the steps below!

  1. Step #1: Log in to your Blogger Account and Amble to your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Step #2: Open those Pages which you possess to possess to Provide protection to with Password.
  3. Step #3: Now pick HTML stare reasonably than Personal stare and duplicate the below script and paste it on the bottom of the online page.


  5. Step #4: Change
    TechandFunZone with web page password.
  6. Step #5: Change the PAGE URL HERE with the identical web page URL where you possess to possess to web page a password.
  7. Step #6: In the end hit the submit or Update button.

For testing the password-protected web page toddle to that web page and peek if it’s the indispensable password to derive derive entry to.

You’d also test the demo by visiting the below Demo hyperlink and enter the Password TechandFunZone there.

I used uncomplicated JavaScript for this trick; all it be crucial to originate is form a password after which adjust it to toddle well with your preferences. Furthermore, guarantee to alternate the URL of the online page. Change the URL where the password is utilized.

You’d also form a webpage with a password in favorable four uncomplicated steps! Now is the time to birth up developing a VIP Library of fantastic speak material that would possibly maybe well compel your readers and skill subscribers to trace up for!

Entirely happy blogging! Thank you.

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Which capacity that truth, right here is the How to Secure a Password Stable Page in Blogger? tutorial. I hope you are going to safe this script principal. This script will work with All Browser. You’d also contact us or submit a comment in the comment share if you intention across a bid or error.

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