C Program To Get Out Whether or no longer A Given String Is An Identifier Or Now not

C program to search out out whether a given string is an identifier or no longer.
A string is named an identifier when he follows these principles:

  • The critical letter wants to be alphabet(both capital or diminutive i.e. A-Z,a-z) or underscore(_).
  • After first letter it contains sequence of alphabet or digits(0-9) or underscore(_) but no longer have any particular symbol(#,@,$,%,^,& etc.) and set( ).

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critical (){ //code by
char string [50];
printf (“Enter designate to be identified: “);
scanf (“%s”, string);
int length = strlen (string) – 1;
bool alpha_string = counterfeit;
if ( string [0] >= ‘A’ && string [0] <= 'Z' )
alpha_string = true;
if ( string [0] >= ‘a’ && string [0] <= 'z' )
alpha_string = correct;
bool underScore = correct;
if ( string [length] == ‘_’ )
underScore = counterfeit;
int num = 0;
for ( int i = 1; i <= length; i++ ) {
if ( string [i] == ‘_’ )
num = 0;
if ( num == 2 ) {
underScore = counterfeit;
if ( alpha_string && underScore)
printf (“Retort: %s is a legit identifiern”, string);
printf (“Retort: %s is no longer a legit identifiern”, string);
} //code by Afolabi Achiever (techbytebox)

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