Piggyvest Overview - Place & Make investments Money While Earning As a lot as 25% Hobby

Piggyvest Review

PiggyVest is a gradual on-line financial savings platform that lets you assign by combining self-discipline and flexibility to profit you invent your money.

Piggyvest started as a financial savings app named Piggybank in 2016, nonetheless when the company expanded its provider to encompass investing capabilities, it rebranded as Piggyvest.

What is Piggyvest and the plot in which does it work?

After creating a Piggyvest story, it’s probably you’ll perhaps delivery up greater managing your finances by saving and investing your money the usage of the Piggyvest app or the Piggyvest on-line app in your race to financial independence.

Piggyvest offers a differ of financial savings and investing conceivable alternate alternatives to meet a differ of capabilities.

It is probably you’ll perhaps presumably also honest assign normally (day-to-day, weekly, or monthly) and even private an possibility to private a particular amount saved on Piggy vest at any time even as you spend money from your story.

Target Saving is a application that lets you assign for a particular aim (e.g., a scurry or a automobile).

It is probably you’ll perhaps presumably also honest moreover undertake community financial savings by inspiring chums to contribute to a decided financial goal. It is probably you’ll perhaps presumably also honest moreover utilize the app’s Safelock characteristic to lock money.

Piggyvest’s Investify characteristic also offers you accumulate entry to to low-distress investing conceivable alternate alternatives, allowing you to expand your money and diversify your portfolio. It is probably you’ll perhaps presumably also moreover invest in assured fastened-earnings chances and completely different investment conceivable alternate alternatives in itsy-bitsy quantities.

Is Piggyvest Legit and High-quality?

The first thing that comes to thoughts in phrases of investing your laborious-earned money is whether or now not or now not piggyvest is reputable.
Certain, they’re reputable and should always composed be depended on, in a nutshell.
They’ve been around for over 5 years, and basically based on statistics, over 3 million americans private feeble piggyvest to assign and invest money, so it’s probably you’ll perhaps leisure decided that right here’s a reputable and steady possibility for you.
Joshua Chibueze, one amongst Nigeria’s most prominent IT figures, is a co-owner of the platform.
Piggyvest is a gradual and reputable platform in Nigeria for saving and investing. Your money and private data are steady and steady on our on-line saving and investing platform, which employs the final observe requirements of banking security, including 256-bit SSL encryption, to invent decided your data is fully secured and steady.

Piggyvest Ranking

5.0 Koboline Ranking

Piggyvest receives a most attention-grabbing rating of 5 out of 5 for overall efficiency. It is one amongst Nigeria’s most attention-grabbing financial savings and investment platforms. It is probably you’ll perhaps presumably also honest carry out money by participating in the platforms’ financial savings and investing schemes, as well to recommending chums to the positioning. Piggyvest’s hobby charges differ from 8% to 25%. Reckoning on the form of financial savings or investing technique you take care of shut.

Pricing, user ride, simplicity of submitting a claim, internet attach openness, and social media complaint data all plod into determining Koboline ratings.

Hobby Price on Piggyvest

It is probably you’ll perhaps presumably also honest carry out as a lot as 25% once a year, and there are around 4+ items on piggvest to profit you greater invest and manage your money over time, including:

  • 10% each year on Piggybank
  • As a lot as 15.5% each year on SafeLock
  • 10% each year on Target 
  • 10% each year on Flex
  • 6% each year on Flex Dollar
  • As a lot as 25% on Investify

Flex Naira

I’m going to show mask you the plot in which every of those goods and investment chances operates and the plot in which you private the revenue of them factual now.


Here’s one amongst the conceivable alternate alternatives that enable you to robotically assign money on a day-to-day, weekly, or monthly basis, and also you carry out 10% per year.

=> How to Open PayPal Account and Hyperlink it with Payoneer Bank Account

This possibility used to be launched to enable you to assign with out pondering; merely design it up and it would assign for you basically based in your preferences.

Surprisingly, it’s probably you’ll perhaps even be simplest authorised four withdrawals per year on Piggybank, which helps you earn self-discipline and ensures that you just meet your financial savings targets sooner.

You’ve complete retain a watch on over your settings and should always composed modify them at any time even as you resolve to private.

Here’s a staunch technique to assign money even as it’s probably you’ll perhaps even be by a lot of issues, personally.

Field everything up, and the piggybank will resolve care of the saving.

Here’s a possibility worth pondering.

Safelock is a staunch investment.

Make investments steady lock is one other piggyvest product that pays 6 percent to 13 percent hobby once a year.

What is the mechanism at the help of it?

Easy! However first, I’d favor to predict you a short inquiry.

Originate it’s probably you’ll perhaps private a solid desire to spend your financial savings? Lol

I’ve been there and may per chance instruct to the truth that it’ll also infrequently be spent on unimportant issues.

Here’s where the Make investments safelock machine comes into play.

You money will doubtless be locked up for a design length of time in the occasion you invest right here.

Is now not in any recognize times it frigid?

Or now not it’s what invest safelock can benefit you with avoiding the trot to squander all of your money.

So you normally assign a decided amount of cash and retain it steady-locked for a length of time, dispute 10 months.

As an illustration, in the occasion it’s probably you’ll perhaps private got now not too long ago saved money in your hire, it’s probably you’ll perhaps honest deposit it into your piggyvest story, add it to safelock, and retain it locked away till you wish it.

In the phrases of Oga Sabinus, “Realizing transfer.”

The next item on the checklist is Target Savings.

Savings Targets

I’m obvious you appreciated the two examples above.

As I kind, right here’s changing into more charming, hehe.

Now, target saving is a plot of saving for a decided approaching endeavor.

presumably even Target!

Are you in the marketplace for a contemporary cell phone? opt to make a race, and loads others… You assign a aim and stick to it.

Here’s something it’s probably you’ll perhaps fabricate as a community as properly.

Consider, you receive a 9% annual return on this one.

There is but every other item so that you just can add to the checklist.

Flex Naira

Good ample, right here you manufacture an annual hobby price of 8%.

On Flex Naira, you in actuality assign for an emergency. Certain, “emergency funding” is the time length to make utilize of in this self-discipline.

It helps you be entertaining in case one or two issues happen and also you require instant finances, so you fabricate now not favor to jog about borrowing and doing issues indulge in that.

Or now not it’s actually nice since it’s probably you’ll perhaps carry out hobby as properly.

It is probably you’ll perhaps presumably also invent a free withdrawal at any time.

That is all there is to it.


It seems indulge in I’ve saved the most attention-grabbing for closing.

Here’s the one which every person is desirous to lift out.


Here, it’s probably you’ll perhaps honest carry out as a lot as 25% in hobby.

It is probably you’ll perhaps presumably also honest delivery up with as miniature as N5,000 and invest in a differ of areas indulge in transportation, agriculture, proper estate, and loads others.

The bulk of the confirmed offers pay as a lot as 35%. (I stare them in my piggyvest dashboard infrequently)

Here’s something it’s probably you’ll perhaps place your money into and carry out a return on.

Wait, there may be but every other, and it would benefit you invent money in dollars.

Flex Dollars

There is no favor to place in any effort right here; merely deposit funds into your flex greenback story and also it’s probably you’ll perhaps carry out 7% yearly.

The traditional aim is to retain the forex from depreciating.

In the occasion you join up for piggyvest, it’s probably you’ll perhaps honest stumble on more about it in your dashboard.

Furthermore, as well to to investing, it’s probably you’ll perhaps honest carry out an N1,000 referral incentive by asking your chums to speculate; each of it’s probably you’ll perhaps receive N1,000.

If you happen to indulge in something, it’s probably you’ll perhaps honest remark your chums about it so others can revenue as properly.

Sharing is a roughly like.

Here’s, in spite of everything, optional.

Or now not it’s straightforward to register; merely enter your appropriate data, akin to:

  • complete name,
  • e‐mail address
  • cell cell phone amount and loads others.

and also it is advisable always composed delivery up as quickly as conceivable

In the occasion it’s probably you’ll perhaps even be performed, it’s probably you’ll perhaps be ready to fund your story and delivery investing.

=> Register on Piggyvest Now

How to speculate money with PiggyVest

To invest with Piggyvest, merely notice these steps:

1. Register for an story.

2. Mosey to your PiggyVesy story Dashboard and stumble on for investify.

3. Understand the investment alternatives and take cling of the one which simplest suits your wants.

Blow their private horns that most alternatives on investify private a minimal investable amount of N3000.

How fabricate I withdraw money from Safelock PiggyVest?

Safelock is a characteristic that lets you lock money till a particular date. This date is fully as a lot as you. When the closing date for withdrawal has passed. Your funds will doubtless be sent to your flex story, which it’s a ways probably so that you just can to withdraw free of price.

How fabricate I murder my PiggyVest story?

It is probably you’ll perhaps presumably also stop the usage of this firm’s providers and products at any time by closing your story and canceling the must haves it’s probably you’ll perhaps private with them by emailing them at or by calling them at 0700933933933.

Is Piggyvest a staunch possibility for Saving and Investing?

Piggyvest used to be Nigeria’s first digital financial savings app.
It has grown from strength to strength since then, and this day offers a differ of alternatives for americans to assign, invest, and carry out money with out having to fear about their funds being steady.
This financial savings and investment company has among the most attention-grabbing hobby charges in the market on the market, and its ability to assign, invest, and receive earnings in dollars makes it a beautiful desire.

Download PiggyVest App

PiggyVest is well-behaved application that is accessible on each Android and iOS. It does now not want a deposit or monthly payments, and each the on-line and cell capabilities private a user-good format. 
Saving with PiggyVest is now not simplest steady and steady, then all all over again it also teaches you self-discipline by allowing you to lock your financial savings till a particular date.
Download your Piggyvest app either on their internet attach or the cell app. The Android app will doubtless be discovered right here, while the iOS app will doubtless be discovered right here.
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