Glo 22X Notion: All the pieces You Want To Know

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Glo, the ideas grandmaster, has supplied a fresh pay as you walk notion for its possibilities, the Glo 22X Notion. The fresh pay as you walk notion rewards all Glo pay as you walk subscribers with an unheard of files bonus (as a lot as 5 GB of free files) and 22x their airtime with each and each top-up. On the opposite hand, the 22X notion would not come with a USSD subscription code.

Then how carry out you gather the benefits?

Glo 22X files and airtime bonuses are activated by default for all existing Glo pay as you walk possibilities whose lines are indolent for as a lot as 30 days. Let’s mutter, whenever you don’t exercise the road for 30 days and you price N100 or more, it’s likely you’ll earn 5 GB of free files and 22 times your airtime to call each and each community.

So, whenever you were some distance from Glo SIM for a in fact very long time, now is the time to dig in and delight in Glo’s sweet deals.

Usually asked questions on the Glo 22X Notion

How carry out I qualify for the Glo 22X Notion?

Respond: You most fantastic wish to transfer away your Glo line indolent for 30 days. After 30 days, retract your line and price no lower than 100 naira.

Glo 22X Notion Subscription Code?

Respond: This notion would not require you to pick a USSD code to set off.

How great is the call rate on the Glo 22X equipment?

Ans: Glo to Glo calls cost 60k / s, while calls to other networks cost 75k / s. This rate will likely be charged from your most primary balance and bonus balance.

All calls are charged from your bonus balance. Your most primary balance might well no longer be deducted unless your bonus is venerable up.

How great SMS rate will you price?

Respond: An SMS will likely be charged N14 / SMS from your bonus balance. Your most primary balance will likely be charged N4 / SMS.

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What’s the validity length for the Glo 22X Equipment Bonus?

Respond: The bonus is expedient for 7 days.

Enact I gather 22x bonus when top up with Glo e-High Up?

Respond: Yes, bonuses put collectively to bodily platforms and e-charging.

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How carry out I know if the 22X bonus is active on my Glo line?

Respond: Potentialities are you’ll earn a affirmation textual dispute after each and each bill. But whenever you don’t earn the SMS, dial # 122 # to scrutinize your 22X bonus.

Can I piece my 22X bonus with other Glo possibilities?

Respond: NO, bonus files and airtime can’t be shared or transferred to other Glo possibilities. 

Take into accout to link your NIN amount to your Glo SIM card whenever you have not already.

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