How To Add Widgets On Your Weblog

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                     HOW TO ADD WIDGETS ON
They are added to web sites or blogs to form it extra precious
because they salvage diverse precious issues that will in all probability maybe form your weblog extra
Now I am going to notify how one can add widgets for your weblog on blogger.
1. Lunge To DashBoard

Login to your weblog on blogger and rush to your dashboard where
you are going to peek this:
2. Click on On The Structure
Web page

While you occur to peek your weblog dashboard, locate the Structure Web page and
click it. Then you definately will peek a page with the layout of your weblog love this:
3. Click on Add Plot

Detect the Add Plot button, then preserve out it. Whereas you click
it, a page will originate with plenty of gadgets which will be the widgets:
4. Non-public The Widgets
You Need To Add

Whereas you own seen the widgets, preserve out the widget you love to have to
add. Then click on it and rush inspire to your dashboard and talk to your weblog.
Now you are going to peek the widgets that had been added to your weblog
and likewise you may maybe in all probability maybe well snatch either to steal it or rush away it.

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