Tic Tac Toe sport Script [HTML] For Blogger

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    On this tutorial, we will get a Tic Tac Toe sport utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    Tic Tac Toe is a two gamers sport. There will possible be a board of three by three desk cell and two symbols on this sport, one for each and every participant. Both gamers can pick the logo of their desire. Then they are going to sign the signal internal of a box of the board. One who bought their image marked in a chain of three is more possible to be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

    That participant will possess gained the match, and the participant will lose the sport who does no longer get his image in a chain of three. If both of the gamers discontinuance no longer get their symbols in a line of three, the match will possible be tie or plot.  Here’s the Tic Tac Toe sport logic.

    HTML Allotment

    In the HTML part, we will first write the HTML constructing and a title for the sport “Tic Tac Toe.” We are in a position to link the trend sheet or external CSS file in HTML for adding trend property to the tags. Then within the HTML physique designate, we will get a part in which we will give a title heading.

    A div that accommodates 9 cells to get the sport board of three by three containers. After that, we will add a designate to present the sport contrivance and a button to restart the sport if the participant desires to play over again. Eventually, we will add a script designate to link the JavaScript file to have actions.

    Now Lumber to Blogger and Click on New Post Or New Page (Wherever you will possess to publish your Weblog).

    Now Click on HTML stare in Weblog Post Page.

    Copy the given HTML code and paste it:-

    HTML Code:- 

        Tic Tac Toe

    Tic Tac Toe

    Created By - Tech & fun Zone


    CSS Allotment

    In CSS part, we will give styling to the html formula by utilizing designate name or class name. We are in a position to give the category name and in curly braces we will add the properties that we would like to put collectively on the html tags. Add CSS property to the tags love font-measurement in pixels, background-coloration with coloration cost, margin, alignment, font-family, width, high, border, and lots of others.

    Now Copy the under code and paste it after

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