General Knowledge MCQs with NTS Answers

General Knowledge MCQs with NTS Answers, Online Solved Sample Papers are given on this page for your preparation. If you are going to appear for any of the National Testing Service tests then definitely go through these GK MCQs questions as General Knowledge is the core of every NTS test taken from the candidates. Usually candidates forget this part of the exam which leads to trouble in the exam hall and if you don’t want to be such a person then this page will help you. Below you can check General Knowledge MCQs with NTS Answers.

NTS General Knowledge MCQ with Answers

The answer to given MCQs is in blue color.

  • 1. The correct order of the planets is in descending order of their equatorial diameter:
    A) Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Earth
    b) Earth, Mars, Pluto, Uranus
    C) Pluto, Uranus, Mars, Earth
    D) Uranus, Earth, Mars, Mercury.
  • 2. The exact time for one rotation of the Earth on its axis is:
    A) 24 hours
    b) 24 hours 35 seconds
    C) 23 hours 50 minutes 7.2 seconds
    D) 23 hours 56 minutes 4.09 seconds

General Knowledge MCQs with NTS Answers

  • 3. Which of the following regions is considered to be one of the most densely populated regions?
    A) Eastern Asia, Central and Southern Europe, tropical deserts
    b) Amazon and Congo Basins, Southeast Asia, European Russia
    C) Congo Basin and Indonesia, Central and Southern Europe, European Russia
    D) East Asia, South Asia, Northwest Europe
  • 4. Name the capital of Iceland
    b) Port Villa
    C) Reykjavík
    D) Freetown
  • 5. Which country was involved in the 100 years war?
    A) Turkey and Austria
    b) England and France
    c) Palestine and Israel
    D) Germany and Russia
  • 6. The longest reigning head of the world is named:
    A) Switzerland
    b) Cuba
    c) Zimbabwe
    D) New Zealand
  • 7. The most spoken language in the world is:
    A) Arabic
    b) English
    C) Mandarin
    D) Spanish
  • 8. The world’s largest automobile manufacturing center is located at:
    A) Detroit
    b) Ulsan, South Korea
    c) Birmingham
    D) Berlin
  • 9. The second most populous country is:
    A) Russia
    b) India
    c) Nigeria
    D) Indonesian
  • 10. It is the largest salt water lake in the world.
    A) Baikal
    b) Chad
    C) approximately
    D) Caspian
  • 11. Located in Indonesia:
    A) Southeast Asia
    b) South Asia
    C) Northeast Asia
    D) Western Asia
  • 12. Located in Denmark:
    A) Northern Europe
    B) Southern Europe
    C) Western Europe
    D) Eastern Europe
  • 13. The first tool of the industrial revolution is:
    A) England
    B) America
    C) France
    D) Germany
  • 14. Who among the following was a poet of the Italian Renaissance?
    A) To Dante
    b) Virgil
    c) Homer
    D) Lipsticks
  • 15. The “Communist Manifesto” was first published:
    A) German
    b) London
    c) English
    D) Russian
  • 16. Which of the following rivers crosses the equator twice?
  • A) Amazon
  • b) Congo
  • C) Nile
  • D) Triges
  • 17. When did Burma separate from India___?
  • A) 1901
  • B) 1920
  • C) 1937
  • D) 1939
  • 18. What is the diameter of the earth?
  • A) 10758 km
  • B) 12758 km
  • C) 11756 km
  • D) 13756 km
  • 19.Manora is occupied by ___?
  • A) USA
  • b) UK
  • c) Pakistan
  • D) Egypt
  • 20. Dickinson has an airport in ___?
  • A) Malaysia
  • B) Egypt
  • C) Greece
  • D) Evening
  • 21. Alexandria and Port Saad are the ports of ______?
  • A) Egypt
  • b) Evening
  • C) Turkey
  • D) Iran
  • 22. In which year did the Tsunami hit Pakistan’s Makran coast?
  • A) 1943
  • B) 1944
  • C) 1945
  • D) 1946
  • 23. Which of the following is not an ocean?
  • The Caspian Sea
  • The Dead Sea
  • Aral Sea
  • Above all
  • 24. Which is the smallest river in the world?
  • 25. Which of the following rivers is called father river?
  • 26. Which of the following rivers is called father of water?
  • 27. Satan’s Tower in America is a ______?
  • Lake
  • Waterfall
  • volcano
  • Names of hotels
  • 28. Oxbow lakes are more common in ______?
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Pakistan
  • Canada
  • 29. The Sonoran Desert is located in _____?
  • China
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • India
  • 30. Atlas Mountains are located in ______?
  • South America
  • Morocco
  • Niger
  • Congo

Answers to NTS General Knowledge MCQs are available in the above. The given MCQs are just an idea and not the whole world general knowledge as it is not small enough to be completed in just one page. This idea will guide you as to what kind of questions are prepared by the National Testing Service officials in the test conducted by NTS.

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This article provides a set of general knowledge multiple choice questions with answers for those preparing to take National Testing Service (NTS) tests. The article emphasizes the importance of general knowledge, which is a core element of every NTS test. There are thirty questions in total, and the answers are listed in blue. The questions cover topics such as geography, history, languages, and natural landmarks such as rivers and mountains. The article notes that these questions are just a sample of the kind of questions one might expect on an NTS test. It is therefore recommended that test-takers expand their general knowledge beyond these questions. Overall, this article provides a helpful resource for those preparing to take NTS tests.

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