More than 765,000 educated Pakistanis choose to leave the country for employment.

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According to the latest document of the Bureau of Immigration in 2022 many educated and skilled youth left Pakistan for better life and employment. crisis. So in 2022, the condition of brain drain in Pakistan has increased by 300%.

Based on published documents from the Immigration Bureau, 92,000 highly qualified candidates, such as doctors, engineers, IT specialists, and accountants, migrated in 2022. This is a great loss for the development of Pakistan as the country has lost many educated and experienced candidates. .

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Most of the candidates went to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. Pakistanis also shifted to other countries like Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, China, Japan, Turkey, Sudan, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK etc. for opportunities and better life.

Number of candidates migrating to different countries

According to the collected data, the following Pakistanis migrated to different countries.

  • More than 730,000 youth in the Gulf state.
  • About 40,000 went to European and other Asian countries.
  • 470,000 Pakistanis migrated to Saudi Arabia.
  • 119,000 to UAE
  • 77,000 to Oman
  • 51,634 to Qatar
  • 2,000 Kuwait
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