The federal government will increase the salaries of government employees by 5% in the 2022 budget

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The Federal Board has issued a notification to increase the salaries of government employees. The latest notification informs everyone that the federal government has decided to increase the salaries of government employees by 5%. They add up to 5 pcs Adhoc Allowance The majority of the people are not satisfied with this decision. But the federal government said. If the government increases it by 10 to 15 percent, then it will be difficult for the government to satisfy the IMF. If the government raises salaries by only 5%, it will be easier for the government to comply with the IMF’s terms.

As fuel prices and inflation are rising day by day. Therefore, the government employees were ordered to increase their salaries. Sources said that if the government increases the salaries by 5%, the government employees of bps1-bps16 will get a monthly benefit of Rs 550 in their salaries after tax deduction. For more details, keep in touch with us and visit the FSc online website regularly.

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