Federal Cabinet approves revised pay scale 2022-23.

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Yesterday, the federal government passed the budget for the session 2022-23. According to details, the federal government finally approved the request for an increase in salaries. This is good news for government employees. Earlier, there were rumors circulating in several newspapers that there would be no pay hike or that the IMP would approve a proposal to increase or not increase the salaries and pensions of employees. However, today, June 10, 2022, the Daily Express published that the government will increase salaries and pensions in the budget of 2022-23. According to the Daily Express dated June 10, 2022, the government may increase salaries by 10% to 15%. In addition, the following may increase.

  • Integration of Ad Hoc Relief Allowances
  • Revise the basic pay scale
  • 15% increase in salary
  • 5% increase in pension
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