Notice of Benevolent Fund Grants to ESTs and other categories

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Benevolent Fund Grants to ESTs

Services and General Administration Department, Punjab has issued a notification regarding payment of Benevolent Fund Grants to EST and other categories. The Punjab Government issued a notification on December 21, 2021 under the same article. In the notification, the government advised the law department that ESTs are receiving salaries and allowances as per BS-16 scale. In addition, employees contribute to the Benevolent Fund at the rate set for BS-16.

The Department of Finance mentions government employees of BS 01-15 OFFICALS and officers of BS 16 and above irrespective of their grant mode. However, the Benevolent Fund is for government employees, not for positions.

Thus, stating the details in the notification, the government directed that the ESTs who have been given BS-16 (personal) will be dealt with by the PGSBF. However, below is the report of Benevolent Fund Grants to ESTS and other categories.

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