KPK Government Announces 15% DRA 2022 for Civil Servants (BPS 01-19)

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The KP government recently issued a notice regarding Dispense Reduction Allowance (DRA) for civil servants. The government has approved a reduction allowance of 15% for employees in the basic pay scales 2017. However, the announced DRA allowance is for government employees of BPS 01-19 KPK. Thus, KPK government employees who never receive any additional allowance, allowances equal to / more than 100% of basic salary, and performance allowances are eligible for DRA. However, the KP government announced the DRA allowance with effect from 01 March 2022.

Terms for 15% DRA 2022

The KPK government outlined the eligibility criteria for the 15% Dispute Reduction Allowance (DRA) 2022.

  • Departmental / organizational employees who are not eligible to receive additional allowances, performance allowances, or more than 100% of basic salary allowances.
  • Income tax will be subject to DRA allowance.
  • DRA Allowance 2022 will be frozen at the level prepared on 01 March 2022.
  • Government employees will receive DRA Allowance 2022 during holidays and full term of LPR except for exceptional leave.
  • The government will not use DRA 2022 as part of wages to calculate pension / gratuity and house rent recovery.
  • Disability Reduction Allowance (DRA) will be acceptable to employees during their posting period or overseas deputation.
  • The DRA will be acceptable during the suspension period.
  • The term “Basic salary ” Includes the amount of personal salary paid as an annual increment.

You can see the notification of KP government regarding DRA. [email protected]Percentage of 2017 basic pay scales for provincial employees.

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